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Friday, December 24, 2010

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Shadows

Just look at these gorgeous little things. (in the shades nude pearl, baby pink pear, lilac pearl, and mocha pearl)

...by little I mean half the size of a wet'n'wild lipstick.
Anyhoo (again?), here are the swatches- from top to bottom: no base, with wet'n'wild idol eyes creme shadow pencil in pixie, and swatched wet (shades are in the same order as above)

                                                          nude pearl and baby pink pearl
                                                    baby pink pearl, lilac pearl, mocha pearl

                                          with flash, to show off the shine and color a bit better
                                                blended out: see how wonderful they are?
                                                        a closer look at the blendedness
Overall these are lovely- they can add sparkle to your eyes dry and with a base, or metallic shine to your eyes when applied wet.  Gotta love 'em.

Only downfall- the narrow bottleneck. Fortunately I have a skinny brush for this, but it is a bit of an issue.  See the pic below:
And finally- here are the shade names on the bottom of the bottles:

They didn't come like this, they actually came with a sticker that covered half of the whole bottle.  I just cut out the name and stuck it on the bottom. 

Catch ya later :)

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