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Saturday, June 9, 2012

e.l.f studio cream eyeshadow: bronzed

This is the final e.l.f cream eyeshadow I'll be reviewing (for now at least, it's the last of the three available at my Target)  It's a pretty dark bronzey shade that I actually have quite liked using as an eyeliner.  I haven't tried it out a whole lot on my lids, but it wore pretty well when I used it lightly as a crease color.  I've mostly used it to do some more natural winged out liner instead of my usual black eyeliner, and I think it looks pretty :)

looks so pretty in the pot!

so much extra packaging...

light swatch, heavier swatch

This shade has a different texture from dawn and candlelight.  It's greasier, but not in a bad way.  It's smoother.  It doesn't have sparkle to it like the other shades, it has more of a shimmery glow to it.  When I wear it as an eyeliner, I do have to go over it a second time because it's sheerer than an eyeliner.  (It's not intended as an eyeliner, so that's fine.)  It is perfectly opaque enough to use as an eyeshadow.  I just don't  like to wear shades this dark, so I prefer to use it as an eyeliner.  I think it's a very good product all around!

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  1. aah have been looking for something this color for ages - great review !