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Saturday, April 7, 2012

wet'n'wild megashield lip colors

       I have two shades: salsa lessons and lollypopstar.  I'm kind of on the fence about these.  I like that they have SPF 15, but I don't like the metallic-ness of lollypopstar.  The metallic-ness does tend to mess up how the lip color looks after a while, it kind of bunches up.  But I do like the cream formula of salsa lessons, and it's a pretty bright orangey-red that I think could be great for summer.  It feels fairly moisturizing and lasts a good amount of time without fading unevenly.  The only other gripes I have is the packaging- the stickers do not come off without leaving behind a ton of goop, and the lid does not come off easily without removing the stickers.  I did try to remove the goop with nail polish remover (don't do it, it will rub off some of the black plastic and result in a nasty burnt plastic smell) and perfume. (sometimes that will get anything off of anything, like sharpies off of a white fridge.  It did get some of the goop off, but now the tubes smell like perfume, and it's a perfume I don't even like that much... But without further ado, her are the pics and swatches:


salsa lessons

swatches (top, lollypopstar, bottom, salsa lessons)

 lollypopstar lip swatch

    All swatches below are of salsa lessons.  The first picture is one layer of application, the next is two, and the last is three or four layers.

And here is the gooptastic case in all of it's glory.  It's kind of cool looking if you can somehow get the sticky stuff off :)

       I don't love them, but I wouldn't be against trying some other colors.  They're only $3, so it's actually a pretty great deal!

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