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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Effie Trinket nail tutorial

       I totally should have cleaned up my nails before I showed them off at the beginning of the video (and someone told me that in the comments of my video, haha)  But I wiped off all of the nail polish completely without even thinking of that!  I was intending to do my Katniss nails next :)  Which I did.  And I'm also out of nail polish remover...I definitely need to get some more of that, since I've discovered my love of doing nail tutorials.  Do you all like nail tutorials?  I hope they are helpful!  I try not to use any fancy nail tools (for one thing, I have no fancy nail tools).  Seriously, toothpicks, dull pencils, and makeup sponges are really all you need for pretty nail looks.  (Although I wouldn't mind trying out a Konad).  But back to the point of this post...here are Effie Trinket's nails!

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