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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Milani Blushes: Soft Rose, Luminous, Sunset Beach

I got these blushes on clearance for about $2 at CVS.  I don't know if that means they are discontinuing the blushes or if they were just clearing out the Milani displays for new products.  Either way, you might want to check out your CVS to see if you can get some of these, because they're quite nice!
First up:  Sweet Rose


 It's a matte color, very pretty and creates a nice soft flush on the cheeks.

 Swatch on my finger
 hand swatch
left: heavy swatch, right: blended swatch
As you can see, it's very soft once blended out.  At least on me, it looks brighter on my cheeks than it does blended on my hand.  
 As I mentioned in my haul video, I think this blush is a pretty good dupe for the Too Faced blush Cocoa Rose.
 L-R: Cocoa Rose, Soft Rose
As you can see, the Milani blush is a little darker, and the Too Faced blush is a little less pink.  However, I still think they are pretty great dupes for eachother!

Next up: Luminous
Luminous, in my opinion, can be used as a blush and a highlighter (if you apply it lightly).  The golden sheen this blush provides is beautiful!

 Very lightly applied, as a highlighter
 finger swatch
 heavier swatch, blended swatch
 light peachy pink!
I haven't used this blush on my cheeks yet, but from what I can tell, this will be a perfect glowy blush.  It leans a little peachy because of the gold sheen.

Sunset Beach

 I'd say this blush leans a tad more reddish than the pictures show.  It's also matte, with no sparkle whatsoever.

 Heavy swatch, blended swatch
This is a very very pigmented blush.  I'm almost scared to put it on my cheeks!  I think with a light hand, it will make a pretty tan summer flush.  I think it can also be used for contouring...
Overall, I think these are some pretty nice blushes!  They aren't powdery, they apply smoothly, and they are quite pigmented.  Of course 'luminous' isn't the most pigmented, but what blush called 'lumnious' would be?

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