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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Facts of the Day #11

1. I'm uploading my Effie Trinket nail tutorial as we speak.  (Unless you are reading this blog post in 2017.   In that case, it was uploaded ages ago...)
2. I'm also editing my Katniss nail tutorial!  I'm very pleased with the way my nails turned out for this look.  I think you'll like it, because I've gotten several compliments on it.  I don't want to ruin the surprise with a picture right now.  Buuut I'll put up a preview picture the day before I upload the tutorial.  (Which should be sometime later in the week)
3. I found this great new app in the App Store!  It's a free yoga app (although I'm considering buying the full app) and I really like it so far.
The free version is called Yoga and the full version is called All-in Yoga.  The full version is $5.99.  (It says that's only a promotional price for 3 days, but it's been that way for over a week.  So have no fear, you  can try out the free version for a while without rushing to buy the full version.  As far as I can tell, you get more workouts with the full version, as well as breathing exercises.  In both apps, you can create your own exercises, but those exercises don't tell you when to change poses.  Anyhoo, I think it's quite a nice way to do yoga!
4. The giveaway is a reality now!  I ordered some stuff last night (so I now have nearly everything I will be giving away) and I just can't wait.  I really love getting to talk with some people here on the blog and on YouTube, so this is a great way to thank you all.  Try to guess what the theme is.  (It's not very exciting, it's actually kind of boring.  But it lets you know that there are some really great products in it!)

P.S. I think I use way too many exclamation marks! <------ (exhibit A)  I  think that if you copied down everything I said in a day, there would be plenty of exclamation marks.  I get excited soooo easily :)  Is it too much on the blog, or is it fine?  Let me know and I can try to tone it down! <------------------ (exhibit B)

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