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Sunday, January 9, 2011

NYX Round Lipglosses in Doll Pink and Mauve

Hello there.  Look at these cute glosses :)
 NYX round lip glosses in doll pink and mauve
Do you want to see swatches?  Here ya go!
 doll pink (left) mauve (right)
Doll Pink is a lovely blue pink (My camera actually picked up the slight blue shimmer to it!  Click the pictures to enlarge them and see it better)  Mauve is a pretty pinky-peachy nude/my lips but better.  Both are pretty much creme finish.
And here they are on my lips!

 Doll Pink looks rather blue here! (it's not quite as blue in real life)  But once it fades after a while, it looks quite pretty. 
mauve is just...soo...gorgeous.
Overall I love these.  They don't last too long, but hey what do you expect from a gloss that isn't sticky? (not sticky...I love it!)  They feel smooth on my lips and don't dry them out.  Some people have said they don't like the scent (kind of starburst orange, but not as yummy) but it dissapears right after I put it on.  Great gloss!
ps.  This is no longer available from the nyx website, but you can definitely buy it online and you might find it in a store near you.

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