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Monday, January 10, 2011

Wet'n'Wild Natural Wear Lip Shimmer in Berry

Oh so pretty, I would say this is my lips but better, in an uber natural way...
 the one thing I hate is that the shade name is only on the wrapping...sigh.
 cute packaging...
 comparison to a wet'n'wild lipstick
 at first glance, I thought this would not be shimmery.  (Another shade I own, spice, is not shimmery.)
 But now, you can sort of see the shimmer in the swatch
 it's more prominant in this pic
and on the lip swatch.

Oh, glorious, sheer goodness.  This is soo pretty :)   I would also say that this product defies categorization.  berry is sheer like a tinted lip balm, both berry and spice have a consistancy that isn't lip balm or quite lipstick either.  But spice is fairly opaque.  grr...
ps: here is a comparison swatch of berry and spice
as you can see, berry has more shimmer!

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