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Friday, January 6, 2012

Facts of the Day #3

1. I made some chocolate today by melting down Ghirardelli chocolate chips and putting it in a mold.  I'd say it turned out pretty good!

My grandparents came back today from a visit with my cousins.  They brought some See's candy back with them.  If you haven't tried any of See's candy before, you NEED to.  They make delicious chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and cafe latte lollipops.  Not gross, fake chocolate lollipops.  But delicious ones. (They taste nothing like chocolate tootsie roll pops...which I think are gross) Here's their website if you want to check them out: www.sees.com
I got chocolate and vanilla!

3. I've been looking at swatches of the Naked2 palette.  And I haven't been drooling over it until I saw these swatches, which made the palette look more cool toned.  http://www.frmheadtotoe.com/2011/12/urban-decay-naked-2-palette-review.html
4. It's Friday.  Oh, what a wonderful day.  :)
5. A couple days ago I tried to draw a self portrait.  I believe I failed miserably.  But whatevs haha

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