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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty: Cream Blush in Beaming

I got this on clearance at CVS.  And I wish I had gotten more, because I am now obsessed with cream blush! 
 Fairly simple packaging.  Shimmery green top, clear center with a leaf design

 Color and ingredients
 Here's the blush in the pan.  Hopefully you can get a bit of a sense of the texture from these pictures- it's not so hard that you can't get any color off, but not so soft that gobs of it come off on your fingers.  Plus in this pic you can see the lone sparkle my camera was able to capture.  (The sparkle, which is very minimal, is not noticeable when you wear the blush) 

 heavily swatched, blended out.  It's slightly peachy, slightly pink, slightly neutral.  It's the middle ground between the three.  

Here's a swatch with plenty of light, so you can get a different view on the color.  
I love this blush!  It's so easy to use (I use my fingers to tap it on to my cheeks and then blend it in) and the color is pretty.  That's pretty much all that I have to say about it :)

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