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Monday, January 9, 2012

Facts of the Day #4

1. I'm officially obsessed with jasmine green tea!  Here's how I make it:
Bring water to a ROLLING boil.  There should be plenty of steam coming out of the kettle.
Pour water into a cup (I prefer bone china cups)
Then put your tea bag in and let it sit for a few min (2-3 should suffice)
Remove your tea bag and enjoy!
2. My eye makeup, sort of.
It's a pretty green eyelook (I'll do a tutorial soon).  I also wanted to show you my notebook, in which I draw out my eye looks that I do not want to forget.
3. Recently, I've been loving listening to She & Him.  I've been listening to some of their songs on youtube, and I just bought a few today.
my faves:
and in case you want to listen to them, here's a playlist that has several of the songs:
Thanks for reading!

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