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I'm just a girl that loves doing my makeup, hair, and nails.  I'm also an artist, and I'll be majoring in art education in college.  I've got a YouTube channel where I upload tutorials, hauls, and vlogs.  (And I often embed them on my blog!)  On this blog, I do reviews and swatches of products, as well as 'Facts of the Day' posts in which I ramble on about my life.  I have a Twitter too, although I don't update it as regularly as my blog...but you can follow me if you like. :)
I'm always open to suggestions, ideas, requests, whatever, and you can reach me at:
Hunger Games inspired nails
thismakeupgirl @ gmail . com

You can always message me on YouTube or comment on one of my videos or blog posts if  you want!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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  2. You're awesome, your tutorials are really good and youre a beautiful girl, thank you :D

  3. Why doesn't your twitter link work? :(

  4. I miss your blog posts and videos :(