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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish: Show Me The Way

Show Me The Way is a BEAUTIFUL green nail polish. It's green but kind of goldish, shimmery but not shimmery in that way that makes weird lines on your nails.  (Do you know what I'm talking about?)  Anyway.  It's green and sometimes looks a little yellowy.  Gorgeous color.  I can't vouch for the wear time yet because as soon as I put it on, I layered a glitter polish over top.  (You'll get to check that out in my next post.)  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

  I was very proud of myself for getting my manicure so shiny and smooth.  (aka, this was very easy to apply)
revel in the shimmer ;)

 bad picture, I know, but the yellow really comes out here

Overall, this is just a really pretty polish.  

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish: Call You Later

Call You Later is another beautiful green polish from Sinful Colors.  It consists of small gold glitter and larger green glitter in a clear base.  For these pictures, I layered 3 coats of it over Sinful Colors Show Me The Way for the full glittery effect.  However, one coat was pretty enough!  On bare nails, I imagine two or three coats would make for  a nice effect.  I prefer to use this as a layering polish.

so much glitter!
 obviously, I haven't cleaned my nails up yet.  

 You can see the gold glitter really well in this pic...

 and here you can see the metallic effect this polish has in certain lights

you can see the dark green glitter really well in this pic
Overall, this is just gorgeous.  All day long I've been looking at my nails because they're just so sparkly...

New Years Resolution!

Hello again...long time no see.  It's been nearly a year since I last posted (although I have done some youtube videos since then.)  But the New Year is coming up, so my resolution is to actually post on this blog!  I'll be doing mini reviews of products I buy (as I have been doing)  as well as swatching older product.  I'll do favorites posts and posts to go along with my youtube videos.  And hopefully I'll do some blog posts that are just about my life.  I'm hoping to do at least one post a week, so here's hoping.  (Or resolving...does that work too?)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lip Color in Metallic Mauve

 one swipe, 3-4 swipes
 above and below: different angles to show off the frost and the color

lip swatch

This lip color is pretty moisturizing.  It is very light but still adds a pretty pink to your lips.  I don't think it is overly frosty, and it looks really nice with a clear gloss. I likes it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

E.L.F Beauty Encyclopedia, Smokey Eye Edition

I think this palette is cute and unique.  It closes magnetically, has 12 biig eyeshadow pans, and an eyeliner that isn't half bad.  The eyeshadows are all pretty pigmented, but more on that later.
 The cover of the palette, that pretty much shows what it looks like inside...
 Opened palette.  Has a neat little guide on the front inside cover, nice for beginners.  Also, there is a plastic sheet protecting the eyeshadows/the rest of the book from getting covered in shadows.
 a close up of the shadows.  (sorry, I used this before taking pictures!)
 The eyeliner.  It's kind of small, but it works for me.  I have yet to try it out on my eyes, but it has good staying power as far as I can tell.  (rub test, and once I finally had it off, I had a stain on my arm for the rest of the day!
and...the swatches.  These are really great!  These are only 1-2 swipes on top of Loreal Cream Shadow Paint in Secretive (except for the last one).  They all show up pretty good (except for the last one, but only because it matches my skintone).  I love that there are some bright colors, some light colors, and some dark ones for creating a smokey eye.  And actually, I kind of like that the matte black (last one) is not super pigmented, it makes it easier to build up color without messing up by adding too much.  (and that one gray that looks like a really badly done black, is actually a realy nice gray shade)  The eyeliner was easy to swatch, and although I don't know how it will perform on my eyes, it is pretty pigmented.
See you soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wet'n'Wild Color Icon blush in Pearlescent Pink

I've been wanting to try this blush for such a long time, but when it was on sale, I knew I just had to get it. 
with flash

without flash

 shade name
 blush in the pan.  I've edited this a bit to get it closer to the actual shade.
an inaccurate finger swatch (colorwise, but good for showing off the smooth texture
arm swatch!

Different angle, you can see the sparkle better.
I love this shade!  It's easy to build up the color (you don't want to put on a lot at a time, but it's possible to-it's really pigmented.)  It's got a little bit of gold glitter in it, but not enough that you look covered in glitter.  If you want a really cheap blush in a pretty color, definitely check this out!
If you've come to this post/blog through my youtube channel, please comment on the video that you came from telling me what you think!

Wet'n'Wild Natural Wear Lip Shimmer in Berry

Oh so pretty, I would say this is my lips but better, in an uber natural way...
 the one thing I hate is that the shade name is only on the wrapping...sigh.
 cute packaging...
 comparison to a wet'n'wild lipstick
 at first glance, I thought this would not be shimmery.  (Another shade I own, spice, is not shimmery.)
 But now, you can sort of see the shimmer in the swatch
 it's more prominant in this pic
and on the lip swatch.

Oh, glorious, sheer goodness.  This is soo pretty :)   I would also say that this product defies categorization.  berry is sheer like a tinted lip balm, both berry and spice have a consistancy that isn't lip balm or quite lipstick either.  But spice is fairly opaque.  grr...
ps: here is a comparison swatch of berry and spice
as you can see, berry has more shimmer!

Wet'n'Wild Lipstick in Breeze

This might now be my favorite Wet'n'Wild lipstick...but you know, I say that every time I get a new one.

 One layer/several layers
 above and below: different angles to show the shimmer

lip swatch
I love it! It's very wearable as it is slightly sheer.  It adds just enough color and isn't drying.  And at $1 (and that's when it isn't even on sale) this is awesome!