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Thursday, December 30, 2010

NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit

In apologies for not posting recently like I promised, here is my second post of today:

This is a wonderful little invention.  I don't know what it is about me ordering all the small NYX products, but I don't really mind because this...this is super cute.
Here are some pics of the packaging (box it came in), the actual packaging, and some size comparison shots.

palette with Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush on top

side comparison

standing rather short next to an OPI nail polish

next to wet'n'wild's color icon palette in vanity

product net wt. comparison (nyx palette actually has more- .32 vs .25 of the wnw palette)

next to a computer mouse

in my hand

Now lets get up close and personal

quick overview: the colors in this pic are pretty accurate.
the first row is all matte
the second row has two shimmers and one matte with gold glitter
and the third row is the same as the second in textures

row one

row two

row three

surprise! a lipstick drawer...and some applicators.  the lipcolors are cute, the spongie is standard, and so is the lipbrush (although the lipbrush does not compare to the power of the finger)

swatches with flash.  these are mostly 1-3 layers

without flash

with l'oreal's creme shadow paint in Secretive as a base 

lippie swatches.  The first one is shimmery and the second is cream.
Overall this is a lovely palette.  Small and definitely good for travel.  The shadows are nicely pigmented, and there is also a nice sized mirror.  Good value :)

Loreal HIP Creme Shadow Paints

Hello, today I will be introducing you to the wonders of Loreal's creme shadow paints.  I have three shades: Secretive, Lofty, and Commanding (I hope to also purchase Nervy, will update once this happens)
Here are several pictures showing off the neat packaging:

apparently you are supposed to squirt product into the little wells, which I think is a waste because once the product is out of the tube, it dries rock solid.  I prefer to use my fingers!

Another reason I prefer to use my fingers.  These brushes are not so good.  They are not soft (I had been hoping for some soft taklon bristles, that would have been nice for creme eyeshadow) and once the product dries on them, it flakes off, making the cute little boxes a mess.  I think these will be used more for decoration...

tubes next to the brushes...(i guess these aren't in need of much explanation)

And now onto the actual product!

Let me just say that these are plain lovely!  (these are rather thick swatches, but there are sheerer ones later)  They aren't too shimmery, and they have beautiful colors.  (although if you rub on them, for some reason they begin to have a silvery shimmer.  and oh yeah, they don't budge)

with flash to show off the slight bit of shimmer these have

sheerer swatch, also with flash

sheer swatch, no flash

a final glance...
These are really wonderful.  They last all day, as they dry to a solid finish.  Not too shimmery, and they make a wonderful base as well.  The shade Secretive has a slight yellow tone to it, making it ideal to cover up redness on the eyelids.  (Lofty and Commanding have more rosy tones) I give these an A+

I recently ordered these with the giftcards I recieved from swagbucks.com 
my referral link for swagbucks is:http://swagbucks.com/refer/thismakeupgirl

Friday, December 24, 2010

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Shadows

Just look at these gorgeous little things. (in the shades nude pearl, baby pink pear, lilac pearl, and mocha pearl)

...by little I mean half the size of a wet'n'wild lipstick.
Anyhoo (again?), here are the swatches- from top to bottom: no base, with wet'n'wild idol eyes creme shadow pencil in pixie, and swatched wet (shades are in the same order as above)

                                                          nude pearl and baby pink pearl
                                                    baby pink pearl, lilac pearl, mocha pearl

                                          with flash, to show off the shine and color a bit better
                                                blended out: see how wonderful they are?
                                                        a closer look at the blendedness
Overall these are lovely- they can add sparkle to your eyes dry and with a base, or metallic shine to your eyes when applied wet.  Gotta love 'em.

Only downfall- the narrow bottleneck. Fortunately I have a skinny brush for this, but it is a bit of an issue.  See the pic below:
And finally- here are the shade names on the bottom of the bottles:

They didn't come like this, they actually came with a sticker that covered half of the whole bottle.  I just cut out the name and stuck it on the bottom. 

Catch ya later :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Post, Intro

Hey Girls!
So I finally created a blog!  Why?  Well, if you are anything like me, you love seeing swatches of products.  So my main goal on this blog is to swatch my entire collection.  I will try to post every day.  (as it is faster than videos on youtube, but don't worry, I'll keep doing those just as often)  Also, I might do a little blurb of a review on the products, like how pigmented they are, or the texture-you know how it is.  But I want this blog to be mostly pic heavy.  I will probably limit the 'personal' stuff on this blog, but I will post some of that if you girls would like it.  Anyhoo, I really hope you will love this blog...(did I seriously just say anyhoo?)