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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Loreal HIP Creme Shadow Paints

Hello, today I will be introducing you to the wonders of Loreal's creme shadow paints.  I have three shades: Secretive, Lofty, and Commanding (I hope to also purchase Nervy, will update once this happens)
Here are several pictures showing off the neat packaging:

apparently you are supposed to squirt product into the little wells, which I think is a waste because once the product is out of the tube, it dries rock solid.  I prefer to use my fingers!

Another reason I prefer to use my fingers.  These brushes are not so good.  They are not soft (I had been hoping for some soft taklon bristles, that would have been nice for creme eyeshadow) and once the product dries on them, it flakes off, making the cute little boxes a mess.  I think these will be used more for decoration...

tubes next to the brushes...(i guess these aren't in need of much explanation)

And now onto the actual product!

Let me just say that these are plain lovely!  (these are rather thick swatches, but there are sheerer ones later)  They aren't too shimmery, and they have beautiful colors.  (although if you rub on them, for some reason they begin to have a silvery shimmer.  and oh yeah, they don't budge)

with flash to show off the slight bit of shimmer these have

sheerer swatch, also with flash

sheer swatch, no flash

a final glance...
These are really wonderful.  They last all day, as they dry to a solid finish.  Not too shimmery, and they make a wonderful base as well.  The shade Secretive has a slight yellow tone to it, making it ideal to cover up redness on the eyelids.  (Lofty and Commanding have more rosy tones) I give these an A+

I recently ordered these with the giftcards I recieved from swagbucks.com 
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