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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Facts of the Day #22

1. SPRING BREAK! Oh my goodness.  I am so glad.
2. I filmed three videos today :)  I have so many videos to edit now...
3. The other day I got a strawberry lemonade from McDonald's.  Honestly, I didn't really like it.  The strawberry tasted really gross... Here's a pic, I'm mostly showing it because my eye makeup looks cool :)

4. And here's my outfit of the day:  (well, of the day I got the lemonade.  Not today.  Today I'm lounging around in athletic shorts...)

5. That bun on my head took FOREVER to do!  At least 30 minutes, because I had to get my hair into a ponytail at the very top of my head, braid four small braids, and then pin them all up.  It's the first time in ages that I've actually had my hair up because: a) my hair hasn't exactly been quite long enough. If you have thick hair, you know what I mean.  It's hard to get all your hair up if it's thick, regardless of the length.  b) My hair is extremely heavy.  I've tried before to wear a top knot that sits a little further back on my head, a regular bun, etc.  Every time I've ended up with a massive headache from the weight of my hair tugging on my scalp.  Since this 'do sits right on top of my head, the only discomfort I experienced was just from the bobby pins.  And c) It's really time consuming to get my hair up.  This style was totally worth it though!

6.  Arcade Fire.  I love 'em.  I've listened to their music for a couple of years now, and they're all I listen to when I paint.  I don't know any of the words (well, I can sing along to a couple of songs), but the tunes ALWAYS get stuck in my head!  I don't know why or how, but their music always helps me get in the zone for doing artwork :)  Honestly, their music is a little weird.  But I love it!  I'm working on a painting now, and I'll show it to you soon.  At the moment, it looks like a 5th grader painted it.  But I know exactly what it's going to look like in my mind.  (It looks pretty cool there!)

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Facts of the Day #21

1.  All right, so the Hunger Games was AMAZING.  Just saying.  Some things were left out, I wasn't too disappointed by that.  You really can't fit everything into a 2 hr 20 min film.  I really really loved it and I can't wait for the next movie!

2. My quest for Aldi's Nutella was unsuccessful.  But I did find the real deal at Wal-Mart, so I'm satisfied.  (Although I really do want to know if there's any difference between the two!)
3. You can also see in the above picture that I've got some cool pigtails.  They will be in a tutorial soon.  (hopefully today or tomorrow!)  It's Prim's hairstyle for Katniss's homecoming in the movie.

4. I went to the beach this weekend!  I can't remember if I mentioned that in my last facts of the day post or not... I have a haul video that shows off the bathing suit that I wore, but I've got such a backlog of videos that it could be a little while before it's up. 

5. I am LOVING my wet'n'wild 'reserve your cabana' bronzer.  I've been applying it practically all over my face (well, my nose, cheeks, and forehead) for a pretty spring glow.  And it has SPF 15, so it's extra fantastic.

6. My skin has cleared up a bit recently.  I never really get a lot of acne, mostly just little bumps and a few red spots.  But I have been using this one product from Clean and Clear that had helped in just a few days!   I'm really excited because normally, acne products hurt me more than they help.  I'll let you know about it soon so I can tell you if the results held up!

7. Have you seen Julian Smith's newest video?  It is FREAKAY.  Also catchy. 

Have any of you watched any other Julian Smith videos?  I LOVE them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games hair, nails, makeup tutorials

Here's a roundup of all of my Hunger Games Tutorials.

1. Effie Trinket Makeup

2. Effie Trinket Hair

3. Effie Trinket Nails

4. Katniss Braids

5. Katniss Girl on Fire Nails

6.Prim Braids

7. Glimmer Braids

8. Clove's Hairstyle

9. Katniss' Interview Makeup

10. Effie Trinket Bright (yellow, green, magenta) Makeup

        Is anyone dressing up?  Here are my ideas for dressing up (although my friends and I are just making t-shirts)  For Katniss: Wear a dress similar to her reaping dress.  Or if you want to go with an arena look: do the Katniss braid, wear a blue v-neck (in the movie, tributes from different districts are wearing different colors), olive colored pants, and brown boots.  If you have a thin black rain jacket similar to the one in the movie, you can wear that too!  For Effie: Find one of your mother's old bridesmaids dresses.  For real.  Do some crazy makeup and hair, and you're good to go.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Facts of the Day #20

1.  Wow!  I feel like I haven't done a Facts of the Day post in forever!  So much has gone on...
2.  I uploaded this video:

It's the Effie Trinket look I posted about here.  I actually quite like how this turned out.  It's kind of funny, because my dad saw it and was like 'Your makeup looks pretty."  And then he saw me close my eyes and was like "Uhhhh.  Actually it's a little bright ."  He didn't quite get that it was for a tutorial...

3. I'm preparing for the premiere tomorrow.  (My friends and I are freaks...making t shirts and everything)  I have our tickets printed out, and the biggest thing is just remembering to bring them to school tomorrow.

4. Last thing about the Hunger Games:  Last week one of my friends gave me the US Weekly Hunger Games magazine as a surprise!  It was so sweet and I was so excited!  Seriously people, magazines are awesome.

5. I have been craving Nutella.  SO MUCH.  There's an Aldi nearby me, so I might try to get some there.  Apparently, they have an off brand for $2 that tastes exactly the same as the real deal.  (Side note: They also apparantly have knock off Girl Scout cookies that taste exactly the same.  And Oreos.  I tried the knock off Oreos and they taste EXACTLY THE SAME!)

6. My room is a mess again :(  But I don't have school on Friday so I can tidy it up then.  I don't really know how this happens.

7. I got some CA-UTE (cute) clothes this weekend.  I'll post a haul soon.  (I know, yeah right, I haven't even posted my last haul yet.  But I got so caught up with my Hunger Games videos...)  Maybe soon just means in a couple of weeks.  But don't worry, there will still be plenty of videos in-between.

8. I'm still obsessed with jasmine tea.  (Have I shared that here yet?)  Sadly, I only have one tea bag left, and I have to wait until I can get some more (next few days) before I can drink some more :(

Sorry this post is so pictureless...posts with plenty of pictures are my favorites.  Anyways (Hunger Games again...) are you going to the premiere?  Sorry.  Too obsessed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clove's Hairstyle and Katniss's interview makeup

Hey everyone!  Here's my two newest Hunger Games videos:

This is Clove's hairstyle for the arena.  (But it's not the exact hairstyle because I could only find a picture with a front view of it...I tried to make it as close as I could) 

And this is Katniss's makeup from the interviews with Caesar Flickerman.  It's kind of a natural look (good for everyday wear) but it can be darkened to look more like it does in the movies.  I would actually suggest darkening the lips (or the eyes or the cheeks, but only one of those three) to make the look a little bolder for everyday wear. 
I've got at least one more Hunger Games video that will upload before the premiere, and I'm hoping I will be able to do some more!  If you see any in the movie that you like, let me know and I can try to recreate it.  I'm so excited for the premiere!  My friends and I are making t-shirts hehe.
Thanks for reading and watching :)

Edit: here's my updated tutorial for Clove's hairstyle.  It's a lot closer to her actual hairstyle:

Thanks for reading and watching :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

nyx jumbo shadow pencil: milk

I purchased this and swatched it a while ago, and totally forgot to post about it!  Quick review:  It's really great as an eyeshadow base.  Thinly applied over a primer is the best way to wear it (or else it will crease).  I find that because of the white color, it really brightens up my eyeshadows!  Overall, I quite like it.  Here's some swatches:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

wet'n'wild 8 pan palette: Comfort Zone

Ok, just from the swatches, this is my favorite 8-pan from wet'n'wild.  I have to try it out on my eyes a little more, but goodness gracious.  This is so pretty!
Here's the pics:

(above) Flash picture to show off the shimmer

Top right shade.  It's just so metallic!  
Bottom right shade.  Beautiful duochrome
All 8 shades
Left four shades
Right four shades (and last shade on the left side)
Here's a pic to show off how metallic some of these shades are.  
These eyeshadows are really pigmented, really smooth, really pretty.  I love 'em.  Not much else to say :)  (Except that they wear quite nicely) Thanks for reading!

wet'n'wild 8 pan palette: Petal Pusher

I got this a while before I got the other 8 pan palettes and never swatched it, so pardon the worn down look of it :)  It's a pretty purple palette (that costs only $5!).  I like this one, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite because the other 8-pans are so great!  I'll show the pics and go into more detail then:

 Here's all eight of the shadows.  I didn't swatch them particularly heavily in this pic, but this is just to show that they aren't extremely pigmented.  (Compared to the other 8 pans, at least)  The colors are buildable, however, and very pretty.

Close ups.  As you can see, most of these have some pretty glitter.

 First four shades.  Not very pigmented, but very pretty!
And here is a heavier swatch!
Although this palette doesn't quite measure up to the other two 8-pans from wet'n'wild, I still love it. I'm a sucker for purple eyeshadow, but that's probably why I love it.  I love using the frosty purple on the right side with the sparkly blue-purple (bottom shade, left side) in the crease.  It makes a really pretty eye brightening look.  I hope this review helps, and thanks for reading!

wet'n'wild 8 pan palette: Blue Had Me at Hello

I love this!  (Sorry, I start too many posts like that)  I think my favorite shadows in the palette are the silver and turquoise shades, but I quite like all of them.  This palette is REALLY pigmented, and worth more than the $5 it costs.  (In my opinion.  But I'm totally fine with it being only $5!)
Here are the pics (sorry there are so many!):

 See the sparkles?
 Pretty silver
 beautiful turquoise with the tiniest bit of goldy sheen
 All eight shades
 Left hand side
 Right hand side
 All 8 shades again
 close up
 All 8 shades (to show off the sparkle in the last shade)  Same for the picture below.

And this last picture is to show off the metallic of the silver, and the coolness of the second shade in the pic.  (It's actually the third shade on the left side of the palette.)  In most of the pictures it looks like a dark navy shade.  But it's actually a matte black packed with navy shimmer.  This palette is so pretty (and wearable!)  Even if you don't like blue eyeshadow, this palette has cool silvers and blacks perfect for a smoky eye.  And the turquoise is perfect for summer!  I actually wore it with my Dream of Greenie trio the other day, and it looked so good!  The verdict: really great!

wet'n'wild: I Dream of Greenie eye trio

I love this.  I love green eyeshadow, so I love this.  I love pigmented eyeshadows, so I love this.  This swatched so easily, and applied gloriously to my eyes.  And it's only $2.99!  Here's the pics:

 One single swipe on my fingers
 One swipe swatch.  You can see that these are quite pigmented!  The first shade is a light frosty green, the middle shade is a bright forest/kelly green (slightly shimmery), and the last shade is yellowy green (chartreuse?) (matte with a bit of sparkle)
 Here's two layers.  Sorry, it was a bit powdery in this swatch, but this really shows the colors quite accurately!

And this is what happens when you wipe off the eyeshadow.  The two bottom shades actually stain your skin!  It comes off easily when you want it to, but wow these are pigmented.  I'll try to put up an eye look with these soon.  (Don't worry, I will.  I think this is a pretty great trio for spring!)  I've already worn it once, and it lasted the whole day!