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Monday, March 12, 2012

Facts of the Day #19

1. Monday.  woohooooo.
3. Speaking of the Hunger Games, here is my most recent Hunger Games video:  (also, lets count how many times I've already said Hunger Games.  That makes it 4, or 5 if you count the video's title.)

It's Prim's braids from the Reaping scene.
4. Sorry I haven't posted in a few days :(  Well, it's been two.  But I was just kind of lazy this weekend.  I did swatch several products that I will be posting reviews on soon, so that's good!
5. I made a mug cake!  I followed this recipe, with a few alterations.  Instead of egg, I added some baking powder.  I probably should have added a little more, as I didn't even add half a tsp (the suggested amount).  I also used dark cocoa (Hershey's Special Dark) instead of normal cocoa, and omitted chocolate chips.  (I didn't have any.)  My cake ended up being overcooked- the recipe says to cook your cake for 3 minutes in a 1000 watt microwave, and 4 minutes in a 700 watt microwave.  I microwaved my cake for 3 min 10 seconds in a 975 watt microwave, and that was too much.  I would say start with 2 minutes, and then add on 10 second increments until it is cooked.

 I'll try it again regardless because it tasted good!
6. I made a quick video showing how to repair (as much as possible) a broken/peeling nail.  It'll be up soon!  It's a total lifesaver for me.

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