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Sunday, March 18, 2012

wet'n'wild: I Dream of Greenie eye trio

I love this.  I love green eyeshadow, so I love this.  I love pigmented eyeshadows, so I love this.  This swatched so easily, and applied gloriously to my eyes.  And it's only $2.99!  Here's the pics:

 One single swipe on my fingers
 One swipe swatch.  You can see that these are quite pigmented!  The first shade is a light frosty green, the middle shade is a bright forest/kelly green (slightly shimmery), and the last shade is yellowy green (chartreuse?) (matte with a bit of sparkle)
 Here's two layers.  Sorry, it was a bit powdery in this swatch, but this really shows the colors quite accurately!

And this is what happens when you wipe off the eyeshadow.  The two bottom shades actually stain your skin!  It comes off easily when you want it to, but wow these are pigmented.  I'll try to put up an eye look with these soon.  (Don't worry, I will.  I think this is a pretty great trio for spring!)  I've already worn it once, and it lasted the whole day!

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