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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The trouble with YouTube...

...is that it takes AGES to upload a video.  And if you accidentally make a wrong swipe with your mouse (and end up "going back" to the previous page) the whole thing is ruined.  Yes, that's right, that happened to me.  I'm uploading an unboxing video of the Walgreens box that I showed you all yesterday.  I filmed it on my camera and didn't edit it, so it is as HD as you can get.  (I didn't really realize that until I started uploading and saw the upload time.  Normally when I edit videos in imovie, it takes the HD down a notch so it doesn't take as long to upload my videos.)  So the uploader said it was going to take 500 MINUTES!!!  I gasped.  (not literally.)  So I waited around a bit, and then finally decided just to go to bed.  I set my computer so it wouldn't go to sleep in the middle of uploading and just ruin it all, dimmed the screen and the keyboard and went to sleep.  Twenty minutes later I couldn't sleep, so I decided to check on it.  And of course, it wasn't done yet.  However, there was only 200 minutes left.  But I swiped my fingers to the left to see my widgets (calender, clock, calculator widgets appear magically on a mackbook pro when you swipe your four of your fingers left to right) Unfortunately, swiping left to right with 2 or 3 fingers sends you back to the previous page you were on.  And that's what I did.  So as we speak, there are still 88 minutes until the video is done uploading, because I had to start all over.  Apparently if you download Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, you can recover stalled or cancelled uploads.  And this might be just the thing to convince me to do that.  (Although I would probably just end up using one of those only for uploading videos.  Plus I had a bad experience with Google Chrome once, so I might try out Firefox or Internet Explorer.)

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