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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

e.l.f Studio Line Cream Eyeshadow: Dawn

The cream eyeshadows from e.l.f's studio line are relatively new.  They just recently showed up in my local Target's display of e.l.f products, so I was excited to try one out!  I got the color dawn (although there was a champagne white color that I want to try out as well...)  Anyways, I had heard they were pretty good!
packaging: there's a whole lot of extra packaging going on there...

It comes with a cute little brush!  (more on that later)
Size comparison to an essence cream eyeshadow: They don't look tooo much different in size with the lids on, but without the lids on, the difference is clear.  The e.l.f. packaging is taller, the corners stick out, and there's a whole lot of extra plastic under the shadow.  And there's actually less product in the e.l.f packaging! (.17 vs .19)  I can't say for sure (because I have no coins laying around), but the e.l.f eyeshadow has the diameter of a nickel, and the essence eyeshadow is bigger than a quarter...

The texture is pretty smooth, not clumpy at all.
Below are several swatches....because I really couldn't pick which to show.  The far right is a very blended out swatch.

There's a little bit of sparkle to this eyeshadow.  You can really tell in the blended out swatch- I think that's because the color of the swatch isn't overpowering the sparkle
And here is the brush, with some eyeshadow on it.  It looks a little clumpy, but mostly that's just because of the eyeshadow formula.  It ends up applying it quite nicely, as you can see in the picture below.  Also, that's a pretty accurate swatch, in terms of color and sparkleyness.
I tried this eyeshadow out just yesterday, and it lasted quite well on my eyes.  There was no creasing or fading.  I wore it over TFSI with some powder eyeshadow in my crease, and I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  Overall, I quite like this eyeshadow and I would like to try out other shades.

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