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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Essence I LOVE (heart) GLAM powder eyeliner & eyeshadow

   All right, so apparently you can't put <3 in the title of a post.  But anyways... here's the eyeshadow/eyeliner product

 Here's the little brush!  Well, actually, it's a little spongy.  It's not really a normal sponge wand, but it's more of a rubbery sponge.  I think it's a really nice size as well.  It's a little wider than a dulled pencil eyeliner.
   And here's a few swatches, a thin one and a thicker one.  You can see in the first photo that there's some teeny tiny flecks of blue glitter.  It's a pretty dark color, and if it's not quite black, it's a very very dark charcoal.  It's quite pigmented as well- that's just one line.  I didn't have to go back over it, and I didn't have to dip the wand back in for the thicker swatch.

This is the swatches after I rubbed them with my finger.  I think that if this was applied over a cream base or primer, it wouldn't smear as much.  This will make a really pretty soft black eyeliner, as well as a really great product for setting black eyeliner.
Update (well, not really an update, since I'm updating before I actually publish this post...)  I applied it as an eyeliner, and I have no clue why I said it would make a soft black eyeliner.  Exhibit A:
It's still just as pigmented on my eyes.  Love it.  Note: I did get quite a bit of fall out under my eyes from this.  A LOT of fall out.  I  brushed it away and that just smeared it into my skin.  But when I wiped it away with some toilet paper (Yes, sometimes I do that.  I do my makeup in the bathroom, and that's the closest thing handy.  Don't tell me you never do that!) it came right off.  I don't know what that means for the longevity of this eyeliner, but we'll see.  I'd say to prevent any fall out from showing up, do the eyeliner before applying face makeup.  Then wipe it off, and continue along with your makeup.  Problem solved!  I'll update when I can about how well it lasts!

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