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Monday, February 27, 2012

Facts of the Day #10

1. First day back to school after my break...
2. I finished my homework already, so now I have time to work on editing some videos!
3. I've got several videos to edit and put up: 2 more from Disney, 3 Hunger Games videos, and one hair tutorial.  Should I finish putting up the Disney videos, or should I put up a Hunger Games video first?  Maybe I'll put up all the Disney videos today, and then put up the Hunger Games videos on Tues-Thurs.  Also, if you have any requests for videos, let me know!  There's only so many tutorials you can do on hair and makeup from the Hunger Games :)
4. I GOT MY HUNGER GAMES TICKETS TODAY!  (well, technically I got them last Wednesday, when they came out.  A friend going to the premier with me bought my ticket for me since I was out of town.  But she gave me the print out today!
5. Ps. Can you tell that I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games?
6. I wore a new eyeliner from wet'n'wild today.  It's a green pencil one that I think might be discontinued, but as far as I know there's still plenty of it in stores.  I'll probably show it off in a haul video soon!
7. I'm thinking of maybe possibly doing a giveaway soon...if you have any suggestions, let me know.  I'm thinking of giving away some of my favorite drugstore products (ha, almost typed strugstore).  I'd probably do it on my youtube channel.  Maaybe do a separate (small) one on the blog.  I'm just thinking out loud though!  My dad is actually the one who suggested it, and I was like 'ha, didn't even know you knew what that was...'
6. Sorry for the lame post without any pictures, but I'll be doing some video previews soon!

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  1. Hey girl! I just wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for posting the link to that site that had stolen my blog post! I am checking into it, but wanted to let you know I deleted that comment you left with the link so that other people wouldn't visit the link and give that website lots of attention! (I hope that makes sense, and I don't mean any offense to you personally for deleting it!) :) Anyway, I was checking out your blog & videos and I really like them!! This will sound pathetic, I know, but I don't know anything about the Hunger Games but after watching your Effie inspired makeup look & hair tutorial I am very intrigued to find out all about it! :)
    I also wanted to say I think you have such a sweet voice & I love your writing style on your blog. It is very easy to read and very conversational - a style that I really like! You are fabulous!!
    <3 Angie