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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Facts Of the Day #12

1. Not much has happened today, so I'm struggling to come up with facts.
2. Today on the way back from chapel (my school has chapel once a week) I saw a collage of pictures from Camp Langano in the lobby of the church.  Camp Langano is where I went this summer in Ethiopia, so I recognized a lot of the people on the collage.  I miss them!
3. Outfit of the day news:  I had a brilliant idea on the ride home today!  I like doing outfit of the day videos, but I can't really put one up every single day on YouTube because I have to upload other videos.  I really only like to put up one video a day, at least on YouTube, to spread them out.  So, here's my idea.  (and I will implement it whether you like it or not!) I will film outfit of the day videos fairly often (or at least as often as I wear an outfit I love/am not wearing an outfit I've already shown) and only show them on the blog.  Which means they'll be privated, so you can't get to them through my YouTube channel.  You'll only see them on my blog posts.  I think I'll keep them on my Facts Of the Day posts, instead of having them as separate posts.
4. Without further ado, here is my outfit of the day:

5. My mom tried to make brown sugar shortbread cookies.  They were kind of a fail, but they still taste good!
yay for the awk face :)

6. The end

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