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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dorm Room Ideas

 So the past few days I've been collecting ideas for decorating my dorm room.  I'm wanting it to be pretty and girly, and not full of too many bright colors like some rooms.  More delicate colors, I suppose.  I'll try to do some DIY videos on my YouTube and some picture tutorials on this blog.

1. These are some cute little bird mobiles that I saw in a little shop in Michigan.  I'd like to make one just to hang above my bed or my desk.  
2.  These mercury glass jars are so cute!  I want to make several, one or two for pencils and such, and a couple for flowers and dried lavender.  (tutorial/link)
3. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have light strings in my dorm or not.  So if I'm not (because I've had my eye on these from Target), I thought these paper balls would be a cute alternative.  I could make several and just string 'em up.  (tutorial/link)
4. I loove the look of these lace tiles.  I also loove the look of this cute lace trash can.  I figured I could get a more functional trash can and use the lace/spray paint technique to dress it up a bit. (tutorial/link)

1. I thought it would be good to cover up my closet with a cute curtain since there's no door.  I have an old shower curtain that's white with pretty embroidered flowers, and I think that'll look nice.  (link)
2. And of course, I've got to make it personal with a monogram.  I'm thinking I'll get a flat block letter "C" and cover it with the same scrapbook paper I'll make the bird mobile out of.  (top/bottom)

Stay tuned for tutorials!

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  1. Great ideas! I hope you post a DIY soon. You've been MIA!