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Saturday, July 14, 2012

wet'n'wild flora and fauna sets

I purchased these LE sets several months ago, so sadly they're no longer available.  However, most of the products within the sets are available separately.  I hope these swatches will help!

 Out of the flora collection, the lip gloss and the blush are available in the permanent line of products.

mow the glass, eyeshadows, mellow wine

mow the glass

1 coat, 2 coats

 Of the fauna collection, the nail polish, lip gloss, and blush are all available in the permanent line.

glass confusion, eyeshadows, pearlescent pink

this swatch just shows the glowyness of the highlight shade...

glass confusion

1 coat, 2 coats

I hope this post was helpful (even though some of the products are no longer available.)  Thanks for reading!

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