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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

wet'n'wild megalast lipsticks (Spiked with Rum, Wine Room, Smokin' Hot Pink, Cherry Picking, Red Velvet, Purty Persimmon, Pinkerbell)

I've already reviewed the shade Smokin' Hot Pink, but I decided I would do a monster-sized review of all the shades I own.  I'll do another post comparing them to other lipsticks I have, so stay tuned for that as well!

All the labels.  The one thing that bugs me is the lack of shade names on the older lipsticks.  The newer shades have the name as well as the number, which is a wonderful improvement!

 Top left, clockwise: 915B Spiked with Rum, 965 Cherry Picking, 968 Pinkerbell, 970 Purty Persimmon, C905D Smokin' Hot Pink, 906D Wine Room.  Center: C910D Red Velvet

Swatches!  All are 2-3 swipes.  Top to bottom: Spiked with Rum, Wine Room, Smokin' Hot Pink, Cherry Picking, Red Velvet, Purty Persimmon, Pinkerbell

Next are lip swatches.  For reference, this is my natural lip color:

First up is Spiked with Rum (915B)

It's a pretty plummy brown color.  (is that even the right color description?...) It applied easily, it's quite pigmented and shows no signs of patchiness.  I don't think this shade is the most flattering on me, but I'm sure it would be lovely on darker skintones. 

This is the same lipstick, but blotted considerably to show it as a stain.  I like it!

Next shade: Wine Room (906D)

This shade is a little more mauve-y.  It's got more pink to it, so it's more flattering on me.  It applies well, and like Spiked with Rum, it's quite pigmented.  

Lightly blotted, for the full matte effect.  When applied without blotting, most of these lipsticks have the tiniest bit of a creme shine to them.

Smokin' Hot Pink (C905D)

 This one applies without any skipping.  It's probably my favorite of the non-reds...I'm obsessed with reds.  Anyways, this one is very pigmented and a beautiful bright pink.

 Again, blotted

Cherry Picking (965)

This is a very blue based red, and it's almost berry toned.  Not quite, though.  It applies smoothly, and feels less thick than the others.  (It's got a little more slip to it)  Because of the nature of the red color combined with the slip, you have to be quite careful when applying this.  You can quite easily end up with a bit of red lipstick outside the lines.  (Which is hard to clean up because it stains.)  However, it's quite a pretty color!

 Blotted, it makes a really pretty lip stain.

Red Velvet (C910D) 

I'd say this is also a nice blue based red, although it leans a little orange when compared to Cherry Picking.  Red Velvet and Cherry Picking are both very similar in texture and payoff. 

Blotted.  Again, very pretty lipstain!

Purty Persimmon (970)

This was a trickier color.  I don't know exactly why, but this one is a little patchy.  It looks really nice once you have it smoothed out, but it can be hard to get it to that point.  It's nothing too bad for a $3 lipstick, and I love the color so much that I don't really have a problem with it.  

Blotted.  This is nice for toning down an otherwise very bright lip color.

And last but not least: 

Pinkerbell (968)

This is a pretty neat color!  It's a bright bright pink, almost neon.  (I'll have a pic in a bit that shows what I mean by neon.  This above picture is still fairly accurate.)  Although it's neat, it's really difficult to apply.  It's really patchy, and it's kind of chalky compared to the other colors.  I found the best way to apply it (although it wouldn't be as bright) is to pat/dab it on rather than swipe it on.  Otherwise, it's a bit of a mess.  Chapped lips need not apply, because you need really smooth, moisturized lips to pull this off.

Blotted, I think it adds a pretty pink flush.

This picture best shows off the 'neon' effect this lipstick gives.  It would look espescially neon against tanner skin.  

And now for some whole face pics, because it's nice to see how it all looks together:


cherry picking

red velvet

purty persimmon

All in all, I think these lipsticks are lovely.  I'm a fan of lipsticks without any shimmer, and these fit the bill.  I hope this review was helpful!


  1. Yo've got very beautiful eyes! All colors suit you well! :)
    Kisses from the Philippines!


  2. I love it that you showed how they look blotted - you very rarely see it when looking for swatches but its how I like to wear my lippy's too. Very helpful post, thanks!

  3. I beg to differ on your comment that Spiked with Rum isn't flattering on you! It looks absolute gorgeous on you, more than the other shades I must say. It works brilliantly with you completion. I have to buy that shade for sure. I have beige skin, so I don't know how it will look on me.

  4. Cherry Picking looks the best on you! What a pretty look!

  5. You are so pretty :)

  6. Thank you so much I'm getting cherry picked!

  7. cant get enough these lipstick! very pigmented and reasonable price!