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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Facts of the Day #31

1. I went to the beach (lake beach) with my cousins today.  Just for a short walk, but it was fun.  I'll put up some amusing pics soon...

2. And now I'm just sitting on the couch watching dorm hauls and dorm tours.  I'm obsessed (for the moment.)

3.  I made some cool bracelets today at VBS.  (I'm helping out for the week while I'm visiting my cousins.  And actually, I made one of the bracelets yesterday.)  Bracelets are always too big for my little wrists, so the only bracelets I wear are either really adjustable, made by me, or just way too big and I end up taking them off.

Anyway, both are four-strand braids.  The one on the left is mint green yarn (I made it big enough to wrap around twice) and the other is just this waxy twine stuff.

4. I've heard cocoa butter is good for getting rid of scars.  I have this ugly raised scar on my left foot from an oyster (cut it a few years ago), and I have a 100% cocoa butter stick.  I'm hoping that will add up to a significantly faded scar.  (pics soon.)

5.  Obsessed with Pinterest over the past few days.  I've been going to the crafts/diy section and I've repinned many things.  I've found a lot of stuff I want to do to decorate my dorm, and loooottsss of bracelets I want to make.  I love the stacking trend, but as I said before, I struggle with bracelets.  Maybe Pinterest will help me?

Who knows how many of these I'll actually do...but maybe some?  hehe.  The paper ornaments intrigue me.  I saw a really cute string of lacy white lantern lights, but I'm not allowed to have lights of that sort in my room.  I figure I could make a garland of the ornaments and it would be just as cute!  I also like the tile things, but I wonder how on earth I could incorporate them into my room...

6. Confession.  Sometimes I look through my old pins and think "why did I ever pin that?"

The end.

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