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Sunday, January 1, 2012

FLIRT!: Smokin' Eyes (LE Eyeshadow Palette)

First off, FLIRT! is a brand you can find at Kohl's.  The brand has eyeshadows (in various forms), lipgloss, lipstick, blush, bronzer, etc.  Their single eyeshadows cost $12, and as someone who really never spends that much on a single eyeshadow, I hadn't tried anything...until now.  
This palette so plain looking.  Yet so awesome.  Regularly around $15, this eyeshadow quad packs a (neutral) punch.  Basically, it's pretty cool beans.  
It's just plain black plastic.  (Note: It actually comes in a little cardboard box.  I can't find it online to show you, but it shouldn't be to hard to find it in stores.  I found plenty at the various Kohl's near where I live.)  Anyways, I don't really mind the plain black packaging.  It's basic, and it's really slim and therefore easy to tote around.    
 Four colors: Sugar Daddy, Witchy, Second Nature, Golden Lady
 Basic looking neutral colors, right?

 Ok, now let me explain.  Sugar Daddy is a plain neutral satin color.  It's slightly golden and it's a great highlight color.  Witchy is also a satin.  It's almost taupe, but not quite.  It's a little hard to tell in this pic, but Second Nature is kind of an army green with glitter. (Maybe not army green...but the next picture shows it better) And golden lady is a mega metallic golden bronze.  
Here I've lightened the picture a bit so you can see the color a bit better.  The shadows are somewhere inbetween the two pictures in terms of color.  
All in all, this palette is awesome.  You can get several looks out of this palette, and it's quite a bargain to boot!  Also, if you don't really like these colors but you like the quality, there are other colors of this palette (I know there's a 'natural' palette that's more coppery).  This palette definitely gets a thumbs up from me!


  1. I have a couple single shadows from the line and love them!

  2. @Miranda Which ones? Their eyeshadows seem to be AWESOME!