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Sunday, January 29, 2012


I'm thinking of doing hunger games tutorials.  (since I'm OBSESSED)  Maybe katniss hair and nails (possibly makeup, but there's not much to do there) and Effie makeup and nails.  If you can think of other characters I should do, let me know.  You can put links to pictures of the characters too, if you find any that you like!


  1. Hey girl! I think this would be an awesome idea. :) To answer your question, you're totally right- I didn't mention that in my review but the ELF super glossy lip glosses did have a funky smell. Maybe that's why they haven't gotten much use from me in recent memory!

  2. Oh my gosh there are so many hairstyles I want to know how to do. Probably ALL the girls, maybe Katniss' and Clove's interview hairs would be good! :) love your blog, thanks for making it it's so helpful

    1. Well, I now have several tutorials up on my youtube channel! (http://www.youtube.com/user/thismakeupgirl?feature=mhee )
      There's a bunch of hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, and even nail tutorials :)