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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sinful Colors: Nail Junkie

Here's nail junkie, a super glittery color from Sinful Colors.  
 It's got several kinds of glitter floating around in an aqua jelly base.  The glitter is kind of holographic, so it takes on many shades when it's layered over black.

 My ring finger is 1 coat of a black nail polish with two coats of Nail Junkie, the other nails are 3-4 coats of nail junkie.
I think it's really pretty to look at!  I actually only got a few day's wear out of it.  Buut that's because I peeled it all off.  (It was easy because I had 3 or four layers piled on!)  I think it's a pretty color but I got tired of it... It's not my favorite color.  However, it does look pretty layered over other colors.  Now I'm just rambling...so bye!

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