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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Essence holographic eyeshadow in holographic white

This is also quite a pretty essence eyeshadow.  It's a cream eyeshadow, but it's got a different formula than the stay all day eyeshadows.  The packaging on this is really neat, as it's got a bright mirror-like cap.

You can almost see the pretty purply pink blue duochrome effect of the eyeshadow in the shot above...

It's got a different texture than the stay all day eyeshadows.  To me, it actually feels kind of like an eyeshadow primer.  It is really really smooth.

Here's a good picture of the pinky purple duochrome. (above)  The next three swatches are my attempt at showing you what the shadow actually looks like.  It was really tough...but you can definitely see it a whole lot better in person.

I think this eyeshadow would last nearly all day.  After letting it set for a few minutes, I rubbed it a few times and it stayed on pretty well.  I think it will make a really good eyeshadow base!

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