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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Essence Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadow: Stars&Stories

This is FANTASTIC.  Just saying.  I've been wanting a really metallic silvery eyeshadow for a while, and this is perfect!  I'm mostly going to let the swatches and pictures speak for themselves, and sum it up in the end.

I think the middle swatch picture shows the metallic-ness of the shadow the best.  It's very metallic with some really little silver sparkles.  The texture isn't chunky or anything, and it applies really smoothly.  And I do think that it will stay all day- only a few minutes after I swatched it, it was rock solid.  I rubbed my fingers over it, and the only thing that came off was a little bit of the glitter.  The glitter won't be going all over your face.  I shall give this an A+

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