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Monday, March 5, 2012

wet'n'wild color icon eyeliners: Cool Green, Amethyst, and Olive

Olive you, wet'n'wild.  (haha...)  So, pun aside, I do love these eyeliners.  I'm quite sure that the cool green shade is being discontinued (which is sad because I lovee the color of it.  However, I can still find it in most of the drugstores I've been to lately), but it's not too bad because the formula of the new shades is wonderful!  The new colors I have (Amethyst, Olive) are very creamy.  So here's some pictures and swatches:

 Just soo pretty!  I think Amethyst and Olive would be really pretty on people with brown or green eyes (and I'm sure they'll suit my blue eyes just as well.)  I don't know if you can really tell, but the cool green shade isn't quite as creamy as the others.  That doesn't mean it isn't creamy, because it works just fine on my eyes.  I did have to go over the swatch a couple of times, and the other two eyeliners glided on (I feel like the past tense of that should be glid.  Help?) with only one swipe.  Amethyst and Olive have more of a golden shimmer to them, while cool green has a more cool metallic sheen.  (go figure.)

Just to test out longevity, I smeared my swatches.  The cool green liner (which is the only one I have worn on my eyes so far) smeared the least of all (which is probably the result of being a little less creamy).  Worn over a primer, cool green stays rock solid on my eyes all day.  I'm thinking amethyst and olive should do the same, especially if I set them with a little eyeshadow.
Overall, these eyeliners are quite lovely!

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