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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Facts of the Day #18

1. Here's another app I've been loving: Mind Node.

For a while, I have been trying out apps to organize my thought process for my blog/YouTube.  I need something that can help me organize and visualize what I need to film, edit, swatch, upload, etc.  At first I was using Growly Notes (I'll do another point in this post to explain why I love it), but it didn't quite cut it for what I was looking for.  Mind Node is PERFECT in terms of visualizing. It's so simple (the picture above really explains it all).  You can create a "main node" (ex: videos) and sprout nodes off of it (film, edit, upload), categories of of those (Glimmer hair, Clove hair, nail applique), etc.    So now I can visualize what I need to do with a particular video to get it on the interwebs.  There is no longer any chance of a video slipping through the cracks!  (I'm always afraid I'll do that, because sometimes I film several videos in a day.  Then I might either forget to edit them, or edit them and forget if I already uploaded it or not.)  It's really easy to add a main node (right click and select new main node) and to sprout nodes off of that (hover over a node and click the + button).  I give it an A+ for simplicity.  The pro app adds some features (like inserting photos), but for what I need, the free version is perfect.  Price (App Store): free, or $19.99 

2. Growly Notes
I actually found this (FREE!) app on the Internet in my search to replace Microsoft OneNote.  I LOVE OneNote (I use it every day at school), but unfortunately it is not compatible with Macs.  Growly Notes (although I find that it isn't quite as sleek as OneNote) does basically the same stuff.  I haven't fully explored its features, but I know that I will once I start using it to take notes in college.  Basically, it is a program defined by organization:  you can create pages within sections within notebooks.  For example, I have a beauty notebook with different sections like random, videos, blog, and purchases.  And then I have pages within those sections.

It's helpful to create a sort of collage of information- you can type stuff, insert pictures, videos, and links.  It's so good at organizing!  Notebooks are organized at the top (beauty, important stuff, mac stuff), sections are the wider bars below (and can be added easily by clicking the +S button), and pages are narrower bars directly below the sections (and can be added by clicking the +P button).  One Note organizes things a little differently, but it does essentially the same stuff.  For school, I have stuff organized like this (sorry, I don't have a picture, listed in order of Notebook, Section, Page):
Psychology, Chapter 3, Notes 
Government, Chapter 16, Notes
So yeah, I love it because it's the closest thing you can get to an actual notebook on a computer.  Except it's better, because you can put ANYTHING in it.  And you can search for stuff in the handy dandy search bar.
Price: free

3. I got an email from somewhere.  (It was either JewelMint, StyleMint, or BeachMint.  Not sure because those companies seem a jumble to me.)  And it had this picture:

I just had to show you.  Because seriously, what is going on with that girl's eyes?  I know there's such thing as having two different colored eyes, but what about a blue pupil, and one eye that's half brown and half blue?  I think someone went a little crazy with the red eye...

4. I tried super gluing my tripod back together so I need to see if that will work.  Because I need to film some videos, and I can't do film without it.  (PS, that tripod is just about as old as me.  It came with my parent's first video camera. It was practically new though, when I started using it, because they never took off the plastic wrappings...)

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