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Sunday, March 18, 2012

wet'n'wild 8 pan palette: Comfort Zone

Ok, just from the swatches, this is my favorite 8-pan from wet'n'wild.  I have to try it out on my eyes a little more, but goodness gracious.  This is so pretty!
Here's the pics:

(above) Flash picture to show off the shimmer

Top right shade.  It's just so metallic!  
Bottom right shade.  Beautiful duochrome
All 8 shades
Left four shades
Right four shades (and last shade on the left side)
Here's a pic to show off how metallic some of these shades are.  
These eyeshadows are really pigmented, really smooth, really pretty.  I love 'em.  Not much else to say :)  (Except that they wear quite nicely) Thanks for reading!

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