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Sunday, March 18, 2012

wet'n'wild 8 pan palette: Blue Had Me at Hello

I love this!  (Sorry, I start too many posts like that)  I think my favorite shadows in the palette are the silver and turquoise shades, but I quite like all of them.  This palette is REALLY pigmented, and worth more than the $5 it costs.  (In my opinion.  But I'm totally fine with it being only $5!)
Here are the pics (sorry there are so many!):

 See the sparkles?
 Pretty silver
 beautiful turquoise with the tiniest bit of goldy sheen
 All eight shades
 Left hand side
 Right hand side
 All 8 shades again
 close up
 All 8 shades (to show off the sparkle in the last shade)  Same for the picture below.

And this last picture is to show off the metallic of the silver, and the coolness of the second shade in the pic.  (It's actually the third shade on the left side of the palette.)  In most of the pictures it looks like a dark navy shade.  But it's actually a matte black packed with navy shimmer.  This palette is so pretty (and wearable!)  Even if you don't like blue eyeshadow, this palette has cool silvers and blacks perfect for a smoky eye.  And the turquoise is perfect for summer!  I actually wore it with my Dream of Greenie trio the other day, and it looked so good!  The verdict: really great!

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