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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Facts of the Day #16

1.  Ooh something super awesome happened yesterday!  I want to talk about it, but I've got so many other things to upload and blog about that I want to save it for later.

2. Speaking of so many other things, I've got about a bajillion videos.  I've got four videos already completed and ready to upload (one is an outfit of the day for this post), four that need to be edited, one video that is partially filmed, and four ideas that need to be filmed.  Plus I've gotten most of the products in my haul video (that I haven't even put up yet) swatched, photographed, or blogged.  I've already reviewed six products that are now up on the blog, I swatched 3 things from the haul today (and another thing that was from a previous haul.  A nail polish...I hate swatching nail polishes!  Normally when I buy a nail polish I already have something on and I don't feel like taking that off and putting on another nail polish that I might not want to have on right then.  You know, it's a hard knock life.).  Now I've only got to review a few more things.  Which reminds me, there's another thing that goes with two of those things that need to be reviewed as well...
I pretty much just dumped my entire to-do list on you.  Basically what's on my plate tonight is editing four videos.

3. I filmed 3 videos today!  They are all hair tutorials from the Hunger Games, and I quite like them.  Here's a preview of one of them:

4. Here's my ootd (from yesterday, so technically 'ooyd')

5. And here's a couple of pictures of what I actually wore today:

I actually made the headband (the lace thing) and the necklace :)  I've worn this dress several times before so I decided to reinvent it with different accessories (like the black ribbon).  It's kind of funny because I got a lot of compliments on the dress today- I'm thinking it was because of the ribbon...

6. I thiiink that's pretty much it: something super awesome, all the stuff I have to do, clothes.  Wow, that's such a FUN DAY!  There's got to be something else interesting... Whoops, ha I totally forgot about the Hunger Games videos.  That's totally exciting.  Did you guys see the new clip of Cinna and Katniss?  And I can't believe I haven't asked this yet, but are you going to the midnight premiere of the movie?

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