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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Unboxing of the Box

So here's what was in the Walgreens box.  The video that took over 8 hours to upload...

Yeah.  I filmed this after I went to Target, Sally Beauty, and Ulta with a friend.  (Which of course means a haul is in order.)  My friend was on the hunt for a new bag, and I was looking for the new Hunger Games nail polish collection.  I mentioned it yesterday in this post.  Sadly, they were missing two of the colors I wanted, but there were two that I wanted.  I decided to only get one, but it was TOUGH choosing between the two.  Anyhoo, I will be uploading an 'official haul' video with the Hunger Games nail polish, the other items I got that night, and several items from this beautimous box.

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