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Monday, March 5, 2012

Facts of the Day #15

After this weekend, I feel quite accomplished:
1. My room is clean:
you can see the floor!

2. I reorganized my makeup collection (maybe that means I'll do a makeup collection video soon!  I love watching those videos)  And I set up a little spot for makeup that hasn't been used yet and needs to be reviewed and shown off! !!! Super exciting.  I just get so happy when my room is clean :)
Organization! :)

3. I filmed several videos (5 for youtube, one of which is about this blog (and it's already up.  also, parentheses within parentheses.  OH YEAH!) and one specifically for the blog.)  And I blogged three times at least.  And I have 3 blog posts in queue, 4 if you include this one.  Because, my friends, I am typing this out on Sunday night.  It won't be up 'til Monday, but I blogged it this weekend.  So it COUNTS!

4. I've got several video ideas, which is quite good. (8 good, in fact)

5. And I hung out with friends!

6. Didn't have any homework...that's probably why I accomplished so much.  Sometimes I procrastinate when doing homework.  And instead of actually filming videos (I guess I have this thing in my head telling me I can't accomplish anything, especially not videos, while I am procrastinating) I end up surfing the webs (mostly beauty blogs and videos...hehe), playing Words with Friends on FaceBook, and obsessively checking the stats on my blog and YouTube.  That's probably bad.  Also, that was a long sentence.  (Followed by a short one.)  So yes, even if I don't have much homework, the procrastination that accompanies it really cuts into my productive time ;) (This did not make me feel accomplished.  I just thought I would let you know about my terrible horrible problem.)

7.  Oh, and have you guys ever heard of verbal vomit?  It is the BOMB.COM.  For real.  I seriously cry because I'm laughing so hard every time I go there.  No joke.  Every time.  (This does not make me feel accomplished either, I just thought I would let you know about it.  Because it's so great.)

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