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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Facts of the Day #23

1.  500 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!! I'm so happy!  Thank you so much to everyone who is a subscriber.  Here's the video I made about it:

It's not a spectacular video, but just look at that beautiful video thumbnail!

2. So that means I'll be doing my giveaway soon!

3. I had an orthodontist appointment yesterday.  They told me I have to start wearing my bottom retainer during the day again...one of my bottom teeth had moved a little bit and I was freaking out.  But they shoved a file in between my teeth (what?) and now (that I've worn my retainer for nearly 24 hours) my tooth is nearly straight again.  Sorry, that's a little bit boring of a fact of the day.  But I'm hoping it will console some poor soul, who, like me, didn't wear their bottom retainer for a while.  That one crooked tooth will go back to normal!  They won't put any torturous braces back on your teeth!

4. Here's some outfit of the day pictures I've taken over the past three days:

5. I re-read the Hunger Games and most of Catching Fire over the last couple days of my spring break.  And then I finished Catching Fire the past couple of days.  I'm now re-reading Mockingjay.  (Re-reading means I have now read The Hunger Games 4 times, Catching Fire 3 times, and Mockingjay 2.5 times)  I'm obsessed... I still like the books just as much as the first time I read them.  (Although Mockingjay has always been my least favorite.  I feel like it's a little slow compared to the other books.)  Also, I feel like I mention the Hunger Games in all of my blog posts.... oh well

6. I finally watched American Idol last night!  I've only watched bits and pieces here and there but I pretty much love all of the contestants.  (I don't really like Holly and Colton that much though.  At least compared to the others) HAHAHAHAA I'm watching the results show right now and Phillip petting Colton's head is hilarious...

7. The end :)


  1. Love that bracelet!! You look great!

  2. You look amazing in those pictures. I'm a fan!

  3. awesome!! can you do a tutorial on the slide up braid? that is so cool!

    1. Do you mean the snake braid or the headband braid? Because I have a snake braid tutorial on my youtube, and I'll be uploading a headband braid video soon :) I hope that helps!