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Saturday, April 28, 2012

wet'n'wild juicy lip balm (strawberry, cherry, raspberry)

These balms are just so cute!  They retail for around $3, so that's pretty great...
My thoughts:  I purchased two colors, and one of my friends bought another shade, so she let me swatch it. The two colors I purchased (cherry and raspberry) lend a pretty tint to your lips, which is quite nice.  I wouldn't say that they are particularly moisturizing.  I think if you start off with smooth lips when you apply the balm, your lips will stay smooth.  If you apply the balm to chapped lips, your lips will stay about as chapped.  They also smell pretty good!  The main thing I dislike is the taste from the SPF.  Basically, they're all sunscreen flavored.  Blech!  The packaging is pretty bulky, but I actually quite like it.  It makes sense that it's bigger anyway, because the balm itself is so big.  Plus, it's pretty :)
Now onto the pictures:

 total balm.  that's quite a lot!
 strawberry, raspberry, cherry

So, all in all, I quite like these.  They add a pretty tint to your lips, and the SPF is good for your lips.  (If you can get past the taste)
By the way, I swatched all of these in a car.  My friend Catherine and I were running errands the day before prom, so I swatched the products I bought along the way :) 
I hope my thoughts (I wouldn't count this as a review) were helpful!

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