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Saturday, April 28, 2012

wet'n'wild mega last lipstick: smokin' hot pink (905D)

Let me start by saying I LOVE this.  I've tried one mega last lipstick before this, and I hated it.  Reason number one: my lips were chapped.  Reason number two: It was a terrible color on me.  It totally put me off of the lipstick for a while, because I thought they would all be as terrible.  I am so glad this color proved me wrong...right after I bought this color, I had to go back and get two more.  I love those too, and I'll post reviews of them soon!

This shade is called "smokin' hot pink," or 905D.  My one and only gripe is that the name is ONLY on the plastic wrapping that you take off to open the product.  So if I don't remember a few weeks from now what the shade name is, that's going to be a bit of a problem.  (Fortunately I have this blog to keep track of things for me...I've had to refer back to several of my old posts to remember the names of different products.)  But the things I love far outweigh this problem:  You can wear it as a stain (by lightly patting it on) or as a full blown lipstick (by swiping it on).  As a stain it is matte, and as a lipstick it has a little more of a sheen, but that dries down.  These lipsticks have no shimmer at all, which I love.  They aren't really drying as long as I wear a little lip balm with them.  They do last quite a while as well.  I only have to reapply it twice at school, and that's after I've eaten something.  Although sometimes I reapply more often just because I love applying lipstick...  And the best part is that the lipstick is only $2!

Now for the pictures:

 light swatch

It's a little patchy on my hand, but on smooth lips that isn't a problem.  

 two swipes

lightly applied

heavily (but not too heavily) applied

I just adore this shade!  It's such a pretty pinky shade that's perfect for spring.  It's actually one of those colors that brightens your whole face, so that's pretty great.  

I hope this was helpful :)

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  1. Thanks for this post!
    I recently bought the same lipstick on ebay and wanted to know how it looks on a light skin like mine. It`s gorgeous!!! Can´t wait to have it in my hands!!! :)